Managing Expectations

Posted on: April 21, 2013| Posted by: FJ Wealth Management |

We cannot, nor should not, expect the stock market(s) of the world to continue to perform in the future the way they did the first quarter of 2013. Some major domestic averages were up double digit amounts and many international markets also showed strong gains. There were losers, also. As interest rates started to firm over the past three months, bond prices slipped (rates and prices move inversely to each other).

The following pages furnish you information about the recent returns of stocks and bonds, both domestic and international. The results lead us to continue to observe that diversification across a range of assets classes is our best approach and best friend.

2013 Q1 Quarterly Commentary pics-page-001

2013 Q1 Quarterly Commentary pics-page-002

2013 Q1 Quarterly Commentary pics-page-003

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Derek Johnson has added another credential to our firm’s list of accolades. Derek was recently awarded the designation Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, (CRPC) by the College for Financial Planning. He achieved a high mark on his monitored test, rightly so after his intensive study program.

While I am on this subject, of studying you may not know that the various professional organizations, to which we collectively belong, require many hours of continuing education. We are fortunate to hear presentations that may affect you on: allocation, portfolio returns, compliance updates, regulatory changes, personal identity security, cloud computing and, of course, economic forecasts. These CEU requirements consume a fair amount of our time but, we believe, keep us current on numerous issues.

Dawn Doebler is actively involved with Habitat for Humanity and was, this month, appointed to the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee. Three cheers for Dawn!

Spring is one of my four favorite seasons. Each brings something new and occasionally something surprising: sudden storms, high winds, fallen trees, ice, or intensive rain. We survive these occurrences and continue with our lives. The same is true for the world of investments. There are surprises, but for over two hundred years they have been, relatively speaking, short lived.

May the surprises in your life be pleasant ones! John, Derek, Dawn and Sue

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