Fee-Only Financial Planning & Wealth Management in North Bethesda, MD

As the headquarters of several major corporations, including an aircraft manufacturer and a hotel chain, the North Bethesda community is home to many professionals, and whether you are starting a new career, opening a business, or planning for retirement, sound financial advice is critical to your future endeavors.

With nearly 40 years of service in the North Bethesda area, our fee-only fiduciary advisors at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management are impeccably qualified to help you meet your long-term financial goals. Located in nearby Rockville, we offer a wide range of services for professionals and their families in North Bethesda, from financial planning and wealth management to portfolio management, retirement planning, and estate planning. As a fee-only fiduciary advisory service, we provide transparent, objective advice for our clients and always put your interests first.

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The Fiduciary Standard for Financial Planning

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, our advisors are held to the fiduciary standard, which obligates us to work toward the best interests of our clients, providing financial advice that is carefully researched and implemented to achieve their financial goals. Brokerage firms and other entities that operate on commission are often held to the suitability standard, allowing them to issue advice that is consistent with your goals, but not necessarily in your best interests. By choosing our fee-only financial planning service, you can be sure that our only goal is to help you to successfully plan for your future needs.

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Personal Financial Planning Services in North Bethesda

It is never too early to start planning for your financial future, and a smart strategy can help you achieve your long-term goals and to react to changing circumstances in your life. Whether you are preparing for an early retirement, you are sending a child to college, or you are considering a new home in Garret Park Estates or Wildwood, our qualified financial planners can provide useful advice and help you make sound financial decisions that move you closer to your goals.

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Investment Management Services in North Bethesda

While many other wealth management firms offer generic portfolios and focus on short-term gains, our strategy at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management is quite different. We understand that every investor has different goals, and we work with our clients to meet their specific needs, from differing budgets and desired levels of risk to varying levels of investment experience. We also feature a unique investment philosophy that prioritizes long-term investments and diversification to help mitigate risk.

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Retirement Planning for North Bethesda Business Owners

Whether you have just a few employees or dozens, navigating the federal rules and regulations for employer retirement plans can be daunting. At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we help small business owners select the best available plans to meet the needs of your business and your employees, while helping to ensure you remain in compliance with all applicable regulations.

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Trust Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management for Fiduciary Advice in North Bethesda

From choosing your first investments to planning for retirement, you can trust our team at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management for sound, helpful financial advice and professional wealth management.

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