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Budgeting & Cash Flow Analysis in Rockville, MD

One of the most critical parts of the financial planning process is determining your financial goals and learning how you can achieve them. Doing this requires a detailed analysis of your expenditures and obligations, as well as a budgeting plan that helps you to manage your expenses while increasing available funds for future investments. Creating and following a sensible budget can help you to:

  • Create a safety net for emergencies
  • Build a diverse investment portfolio
  • Plan for retirement and other events
  • Fund college and health savings accounts
  • Safeguard your assets and estate

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we recognize the challenges you face in achieving your financial goals, and we can work with you to perform a detailed cash flow analysis that can help you maximize your available funds for investment. By examining your income, expenses, tax obligations, and other critical factors, we can help you create a budget that works toward your financial goals, while still meeting your day to day needs.

Our team has been providing independent, fee-only wealth management and financial planning services to clients in the Rockville, Maryland area since 1978.

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Implementing a Budget to Meet Your Financial Goals

A successful budget balances your desire to invest in your future with the realistic needs of your day to day life, including discretionary spending that helps to provide a comfortable lifestyle. At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we can help you implement a budget that meets your financial obligations, while taking steps to reach your long-term investment goals comfortably. Our team does this by:

  • Gathering basic financial information: This includes current and projected income, current and future expenses, past spending habits, and more.
  • Determining tax obligations: This includes calculating projected local, state, and federal tax obligations, including income taxes, real estate taxes, self-employment taxes, FICA, Medicare, and deferred taxes from retirement plans, insurance, or other sources.
  • Creating a realistic budget: Designing and implementing a comprehensive budget that includes all your fixed expenses, like mortgage and insurance payments, as well as discretionary expenses, like entertainment, dining, and travel. By examining expenses in as much detail as possible, a plan can be created that minimizes unnecessary spending and maximizes your available funds for investments.
  • Calculating funds for savings and investments: By determining the portion of income available after expenses and tax obligations, we can determine how much cash flow is left for savings and investments. We can then use these figures to help you create a financial plan that meets your future needs and investment goals.
  • Progress monitoring: As you implement your budget, we can monitor changes to your income, expenses, and other obligations, altering to your financial plan as necessary to help you meet your goals.

With a careful cash flow analysis and a reasonable budget, we can help you to meet your financial goals and react to changing circumstances in the future.

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Financial Planning and Wealth Management in Rockville, MD

Whether you are planning an early retirement, putting your children through college, or simply would like a larger nest egg for the future, our team can help you reach your financial goals with our complete cash flow analysis, budgeting, and financial planning services. As a fee-only, fiduciary firm, we are committed to helping you meet your financial goals.

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