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Estate Planning Guidance in Rockville, MD

Comprehensive financial planning includes not only making smart investment decisions and growing your assets, but also taking steps to protect them for future generations. Estate planning is critical to this process, from reacting to changes in your life, such as marriages or births, to determining how your assets will be managed in the future, such as designating beneficiaries, transferring assets, and creating trusts.

As part of our financial planning process, our team Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management can help you to determine your estate planning needs and recommend solutions that will help you meet your long-term financial goals. Since 1978, our team at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management has been helping clients in Rockville, MD and beyond meet their financial needs, with services such as wealth management, retirement planning, portfolio management, and more. As a fee-only fiduciary advisory, our primary motivation is to help our customers meet their financial goals.

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Important Estate Planning Considerations

Estate planning is a long-term, detailed process that will require continuous updates as the circumstances in your life change, such as taking a new job or starting a business, getting married or divorced, having children, or buying a home. Whether you have multiple assets and a sizable income or you simply want to protect your family and home, estate planning is critical to your financial future. A few things to consider during the process include:

Estate Taxes and Probate

If you are not properly prepared for estate taxes and probate, the value of the assets left to a surviving spouse or your children could be significantly diminished. Estate and death taxes can be reduced by using appropriate credit shelters if your assets exceed the exclusion amounts set by the federal or state government. Excessive probate taxes can be avoided by designating appropriate beneficiaries and creating trusts to protect non-retirement assets.

Designating Beneficiaries

As changes in your life occur, you need to ensure that you update retirement accounts, life insurance policies, and annuities to reflect the proper beneficiaries. If you become married or have a child, you will have to add their names as beneficiaries, and if you become divorced, your spouse’s name may need to be removed. If you create a trust, you need to ensure that assets are titled appropriately to the trust to ensure they are protected. Additionally, to protect you home and other physical assets, you must ensure they are titled properly to remain in the family.


If you are a business owner, you will have to plan appropriately to pass the business to your family, or to protect your partners in the event of your death.

Assets in Other States

If you have investments, real estate, or other assets in another state, you will need to ensure that the proper documents are filed to protect your assets and pass them on to the appropriate beneficiaries.

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we can help you reach your financial goals by recommending estate planning strategies that meet your needs, and recommending attorneys, tax professionals, and other entities that can help you through the process of filing documents, creating trusts, and other objectives.

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Financial Advice for Estate Planning in the Rockville Area

Whether you have just a few assets or a complicated portfolio, our team at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management can help you protect them and meet your long-term financial goals with our estate planning services.

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