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Fee-Only Financial Planners in Washington, DC

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we believe our fee-only compensation model is one of our primary strengths as a wealth management company. It allows us to avoid the conflicts of interest that can develop from a commission-based model, where recommendations carry relative financial gains for the advisor. Our team of advisors focuses on delivering comprehensive financial advice to each of our clients so that they can make educated decisions for the future. Whether you’re early on in your career or nearing the age you’d like to retire, we’ll work with you to create a financial plan that works for you.

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Fee-Only Compensation & the Fiduciary Standard

As a fee-only advisory firm, our compensation comes from you, our client, as a fixed percentage of assets under our management. Our fee-only compensation model helps ensure the right business decisions for us and the appropriate investment decisions for you do not conflict.

We also hold ourselves to the fiduciary standard, meaning we are legally obligated to act in good faith and put your best interests first. Not every advisor provides the fiduciary standard of care. For example, most brokerage firms are only required to meet the suitability standard.

The suitability standard calls for making recommendations which are merely consistent with, but not necessarily in the best interests of the underlying customer. These advisors are paid by commission. This creates an inherent conflict of interest when providing advice about suitable investments that offer the advisor different levels of compensation.

The Value of Professional Financial Planning

We hear so many tidbits of financial advice every day that it’s easy to think you can figure out on your own what’s best for you. As humans, we tend to be a little biased toward our own opinions—and if our “hunches” turn out to be wrong with regard to our finances, there can be pretty serious, often irreparable, consequences. Misguided investments, poorly-timed withdrawals, and a misunderstanding of the steps that need to be taken to protect your family and your future can set you back years and force unpleasant lifestyle changes to make up for mistakes. Wouldn’t it make sense to get objective advice from a professional before making big decisions about your financial future?

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Let’s Work Together to Achieve Your Financial Goals

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, we know that figuring out what to do with your money is about a lot more than just money. It’s about living your life, supporting your family, bonding with friends, and so much more. When you need help navigating the ocean of information surrounding your wealth management decisions, your advisor will always be there to help you chart a course, prepare for launch, and set sail.

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