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Investment Analysis in Rockville, MD

When you are choosing a new financial planning service, it is important to discuss all your current investments with the advisor, so that their performance can be evaluated, and they can be integrated into a comprehensive plan that meets all your financial goals for the future.

As part of our financial planning services, our team at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management will perform a complete investment analysis, examining the performance of your past and present investments, while helping you to devise a plan to achieve your future goals. We have been providing Rockville, MD residents with financial planning, wealth management, and a variety of other services since 1978. As a fee-only fiduciary advisory service, our top priority is to help our customers reach their financial goals.

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Investment Analysis Services

When you choose Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management for financial planning services, part of the initial process for our team will be learning all we can about your current and previous investments. This includes:

  • What types of investments you currently have, such as retirement accounts, stocks, and mutual funds
  • How well your investments are and have been performing
  • Whether your investments are meeting your current financial goals
  • What types of investments you are interested in pursuing
  • How much money you would like to devote to new investments

Our team will consider your options and discuss your financial goals, so that we can work together to devise a diverse investment plan that best meets your needs.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management, our investment philosophy includes:

  • Trusting the market: We believe in an efficient market, where investor competition drives investments to market values that are fair and reflect all available research. Any speculation beyond market prices introduces unnecessary risk, and we seek to provide comfortable returns while carefully managing risk.
  • Global diversification: We believe in a diverse portfolio with investments of across broad asset classes and types, including stocks, bonds, money market instruments, and more, to avoid concentrating risk in only a few market segments.
  • Long-term investments: We believe that long-term investing and discipline is the key to improve investment performance, by avoiding short-term market changes and speculation.
  • Avoiding fees: By choosing a long term investment strategy, avoiding active management, and favoring low-fee mutual funds, we can minimize transaction fees that increase your investment costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our investment strategies and philosophy.

Our Other Personal Financial Planning Services

Considering your tax contributions and obligations is just one piece of the greater financial planning puzzle. When we work with you, we’ll go through every aspect of your financial situation to ensure we have the right information to help you make smart saving, spending, and investment decisions. Our financial planning services can include:

  • Budget and cash flow analysis
  • Insurance analysis
  • Tax analysis
  • Investment analysis
  • Education planning
  • And more

If you’re ready to get started or just want to discuss the process further with one of our fee-only fiduciary advisors, call today at ​301-670-0994.

Financial Planning & Wealth Management in the Rockville Area

Whether you are close to retirement, just entering the working world, or you are somewhere between, our team at Ferguson-Johnson Wealth Management can manage your investments and help you devise a plan that achieves your financial goals.

For a no-cost consultation, contact our team today at ​301-670-0994!

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